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Welcome to our Marketing & Advertising Wiki

This wiki was created by the team at AdvertiseMint to help others stay up to date on the latest information, platforms, tools and strategies for getting the most from your marketing or advertising.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising involves reaching customers through digital methods such as phones, computers and connected devices.

Paid Search, also known as Search Engine Marketing, involves the process of displaying ads on search engines next to the keyword searches from users.

Paid Social involves showing image, video and display ads towards targeted users browsing popular social media sites or apps.

Digital Radio

Digital Radio involves displaying audio and display ads to users as they listen to music, podcasts or audio through digital devices. These ads are targeted towards users based on songs, genres, playlists, location and demographic information such as age, location and gender.

Local Advertising

Local Advertising involves display targeted ads based on a users location to physical locations.

SMS Advertising

SMS Advertising, or short messaging service, involves sending ads through text messages on mobile phones.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising involves placing ads within the active content users are browsing on website or apps. A good example would be Facebook Advertising, in which the ads appear between content directly in the Facebook Newsfeed.

OTT Advertising

OTT Advertising, or Over the Top, refers to ads placed on connected devices that attach to a television.

International Advertising

  • Altaba Advertising

Email Advertising

  • List Advertising

Mobile App Advertising

  • Apple Search Advertising

Traditional Advertising

TV Advertising

Radio Advertising

Print Advertising

Movie Screen Advertising

Product Placement Advertising

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